Saturday, April 24, 2010

Duckett's Public House, April Fools 2010, Portland, OR

I was cranky for this show, because I had homework and work early the next morning. I was also playing on a different rig than normal, because I didn't have the motivation to move the Orange monster. I was playing through just the Music Man HD130, with the Les Paul Peter Green guitar, a DOD Classic Fuzz pedal, Zakk Wylde Wah, and Two Timer Analog Delay. I was able to move my whole rig in 1 trip (versus at least 5 trips)! While my sound wasn't what I'm accustomed to, it was really cool to do something different. Lauren broke clear through her bass drum head about 1 minute into our set! How bad ass! Fortunately, David of Pluvial was kind enough to lend us his classic Rogers butcher's block-wrap bass drum (also the coolest looking drum set I think I've ever seen).paloverde

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Palo Verde Website

...for now is our Myspace page www.myspace.com/paloverdeband. Songs, photos, and upcoming shows are uploaded there regularly. We hope to have our own stand-alone website in the near future.

Club 1808, Austin, TX. December 15, 2009

Here's a shot from a show we played December 15, 2009 at a little bar in Austin, TX on our tour to FL for the holidays. We'd gotten thrown on the bill at the last minute -- it was kinda a weird show. We played with rockabilly and punk bands, and the bar was run by dudes who were playing hip hop and soul music in between sets (really good stuff, actually). One of the guys working the door was kinda crazy -- he talked our ears off obsessively about some sort of legal battle he was going through with someone who had stolen his "ideas", and he kept praising God and demonstrating his professional dance moves. The show actually went pretty well, and a lot of people were into us, something I didn't expect due to the bands we were playing with. After the show we got drunk and played cheap pool, and then retired to Motel 6 where our dogs were patiently awaiting us. It was a fun night, even though the final band, Combat Shock, took the money that was due to us ($25). Kinda lame, but no one told us we were getting paid and we didn't find out about it 'til we'd left Austin. Live and learn.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rory Gallagher - Guitar Hero

LKN and I just got a 3 dvd set of the late Irish blues shredder Rory Gallagher performing with his band on the German t.v. series Rockpalast (spanning the years 1976 - 1994). I can't believe this man isn't more well known as a guitar hero. His band is also phenomenal -- drummer Rob De'Ath has one of the most original playing styles I've ever seen. Lou Martin pounds the keys so hard you think they're going to fall apart. And bassist Gerry McAvoy adeptly ties it all together. Here's some footage of Rockpalast 1977, for a little taste of what's been influencing us lately:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Palo Verde, featuring Nicole J. Georges on Vox, @ Sorority House, Portland, Oregon; May 7, 2009

Here's some video footage from a show we played last summer with the lovely Nicole Georges at a house in Portland. Some dude filmed it on his phone or some other high-tech gadget. I don't remember very much about this show, other than struggling to find a suitable outlet to plug all my stuff into. I do remember slamming Red Bull before our set for the first time (this act has since become a regular ritual). Nicole was also in full form with her typewriter that night -- it's amazing that the sound of it was even audible through the wimpy p.a. It's always a treat when she joins us.

Palo Verde Live @ Holocene October 29, 2009

Sideways video footage from a show we played at Holocene in Portland highlighting bands with female drummers. I'm lucky, 'cause I get to play with the best drummer of them all, male or female. I was feeling very off that night -- couldn't get the sound right, everything was buzzing, and one of my amps actually blew up and started smoking. Nonetheless, a fun show with many amazing bands.

LKN Performs with Hot Victory @ Slabtown, Pt. 1; January 30, 2010

LKN sat in on bucket and guitar with the amazing Hot Victory. I was in a bad mood, but was nevertheless entertained by the sight of LKN alternately tapping her guitar, whacking a bucket, and shoveling fried chicken in her mouth. I also like that Slabtown has really good video games to play and air hockey.